First meeting (ideally on site) - Free of charge


Client to inform Knox how many of the four services they wish to use


Client to complete short Knox survey send images and pintrest looks that they like this will trigger a look book built by Knox (chargeable) the estimate will be based on this.


Agreement drawn up and deposit of 2% of overall estimated cost to be invoiced to client to trigger quoting research this amount is held

and be will offset against he first deposit (time is not included in this deposit and will be charged separately)


Once the building quote has been generated by Knox a contract will be presented to the client.  If Knox is managing the build there will also be a contract for this


Interior design and design do not carry a contract.  All items bought for a project are paid fully upfront and time is billed monthly due on receipt.


Building Works are payable on a monthly basis.  The timeframe in months for the job is divided into the total amount to determine the monthly payment figure


Knox will send the spreadsheet via email and if possible by hand printed to the client monthly.  Any extras sanctioned by the client will be highlighted in red. The client

will have seven days to flag any concerns, post the seven days this entries will be no longer highlighted and no response will be taken as acceptance.


The monthly building payments will be based on targets  (the management fee is excluded from this)


The final months building payment is billed at 50% with the final 50% due to be paid after a 3 month snagging period.  There are  two moments during the 3 months to

submit snagging by the client outside of the list submitted by Knox on the completion of the building on commencement of snagging period.